The Darkest Words


Terror lurks around every corner


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The Darkest Words is a first-person horror game in which players control a delivery man who, after delivering a package to a mysterious institution, becomes involved in a story full of terror, death and gunfire.

Upon entering the building you realize that something serious is happening when you see several dead bodies on the ground. A suicide note and a gun lets you know what you need to do... which actually consists of finding keys and opening doors.

You must be careful during your tour of this strange institution as you will occasionally encounter strange apparitions and weird creatures. Fortunately, you get a gun and some ammunition to defend yourself from attacks, which often make you jump out of your skin.

The Darkest Words is a first-person shooter with some horror elements, and although it is quite short (the main quest does not last more than twenty minutes), it does provide an experience full of real frights and moments of terror.
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